Wordpress Optimisation Services

Wordpress Optimisation Services

Turbo-charge your website with our 10-for-10 WordPress optimisation service. This 2-day turn-around service delivers real results in days and provides an impact that lasts for months. Fast, efficient, reliable, we are Irish WordPress performance optimisation experts you can trust with your website.

10 pt process // 10 hrs work

WordPress Website Cost Break-Down
Pssssst, did you know that the average monthly cost of running an optimised WordPress website is €282? WordPress Maintenance Explained >>>

Back Up WordPress Website

  • Save copy of latest version to cloud server
  • Schedule regular secure back-up of WordPress
  • Never be without a saved version in case of a crash
WordPress Remote Back Up
WordPress Google Webmaster Tools

Tweak Google Webmaster Tools

  • Validate domain & submit sitemap.xml
  • Remedy indexation and error issues detected
  • You don’t want to be in Google’s bad books

Configure WordPress Settings

  • Define wordpress set-up according to best practice
  • Edit .htaccess, robots.txt, config.php, /wp-content permissions, plugins, permalink structure, canonicalization…
  • Ensure systems status and file settings are up-to-date

WordPress Systems Optimisation
WordPress 301 Redirects

Map URLs & Write 301 Redirects

  • Define optimal root/folder/custom link structure for published content
  • Map redundant or dead links to live web-page URLs
  • Avoid 404 page not found errors and duplicate content penalties

Meta Data SEO

  • Keyword optimised page titles and meta descriptions
  • Rewrite unique meta title/descriptions for published URLs
  • Change missing, duplicate and poor html tags for SEO
WordPress Meta Data SEO

Image Optimisation

  • Resize and compress image files for web optimisation
  • Alt tag image assets for W3C compliance and SEO
  • Don’t let images slow your site down or reduce site ranking

Speed Optimisation

  • Install and optimise server/application/file caching technology
  • Compress, minify, varnish browser html and javascript
  • Everyone hates slow websites, especially Google

WordPress Speed Optimisation Services
WordPress Security Services

Security Lock Down

  • Harden wordpress access, command rules & file permissions
  • Clean up loopholes, vulnerabilities, brute force entries and admin logins
  • Stop spam, virus protection, code injection, bad links and hacking

Google Analytics Clean Up

  • True-view website visitor tracking and behavioural analysis
  • Tighten tracking script implementation and report settings
  • Remove dirty data, spam referrals, ghost visits and inaccurate stats
WordPress Spam Cleaning Service
WordPress Down Check

Performance Monitors

  • Real-time website performance tracking
  • Trigger downtime alerts and page loading issues
  • Don’t be the last to know that your site is down
WordPress Optimisation Services
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