Wordpress Manager Service

Take your WordPress website to the next level with our WordPress Maintenance Services. Go full throttle on a total care plan for complete control of your website performance. All-in-one WordPress management package for continuous performance improvement.

Wordpress Maintenance Services
per month
WordPress Website Cost Break-Down
Pssssst, did you know that the average monthly cost of running an optimised WordPress website is €282? WordPress Maintenance Explained >>>
WordPress migration to cloud server

Lightning fast website

  • AWS PHP 7 WordPress Hosting on Irish server IP address
  • Full website migration & WordPress optimisation service
  • Optimised theme/plugin set-up prevents slow loading times

Server performance monitoring

  • Elastic smart scaling self-heals to maintain performance
  • Tracing identifies bandwidth overload & application consumption
  • Proactive issue flagging prevents any potential disruption
WordPress website performance monitoring
WordPress Server Optimisation

Server/Application Management

  • Optimal WordPress hosting configuration
  • Built-in HTTP/2, PHP-FPM, varnish & cache technologies
  • No delay on systems reboot or settings adjustments

Real-time error alerts

  • Instant downtime alarm system
  • 24/7 monitoring to mitigate downtime
  • No periods of server maintenance with 99% uptime
WordPress Downtime Alert Notifications
WordPress Secure Backup Service

Automated Secure Backup

  • Full weekly database & file back-up
  • Secure up-to-date copy of website on remote cloud server
  • Restore deleted or corrupt site to sanitised version

Strong defense systems

  • DDOS and website hacking protection
  • Routine file permission & file change checks
  • Stop hackers from injecting rogue script or spam links
WordPress Security Service
HTTPS WordPress Website Upgrade

https everywhere

  • State-of-the-art SSL certificate installation as standard
  • Force HTTPS everywhere across all WordPress URLs
  • Don’t get penalised for “this site is not secure” status

ad hoc change requests

  • User-friendly change request tool for managed websites
  • Drop-pin change requests on live site
  • No technical knowledge or bug lists required
WordPress Maintenance Services
WordPress SEO Reporting

Continuous SEO Improvement

  • Weekly SEO performance reporting & scorecard benchmarking
  • Regular tweaks and updates for evergreen SEO results
  • Grow content, stamp out stale status-quo

Performance portal

  • Client login to custom reporting dashboard
  • Google Analytics KPIs, keywords ranking charts and key metrics graphs
  • Transparent data visibility, no window-dressing
WordPress Performance Software
WordPress SEO services
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