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Whither WordPress

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Truth is, I use wordpress every day and would be lost without it, so I wouldn’t turn my back on the World’s most popular content management system, but the problem is, it’s not and never has been designed to be …

Data Protection for Personal Privacy

Data Regulation in Ireland

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The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner can anticipate increased funding to be announced in tomorrow’s budget, according to the Irish Times. This article, first published in May 2014 on Medium, explores the responsibility and opportunity granted Ireland. It’s imperative that the …

the devil doesn’t wear data

The Devil Doesn’t Wear Data

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Science fiction films have a knack of foretelling what is to come, particularly in technology. From prototypes of mobile phones to Google glass, the futuristic imaginings of authors and scriptwriters materialise in mass popular culture today. Minority Report is an eerily …

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FinTech Mobile Money

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With banks yielding near zero interest rates returns for those with money and turning away loan applications for many who need it, there’s pent up appetite and money in the market for alternative investment opportunities and real return on capital. The Irish …


How Google Works (Part 3)

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Borrowed from the Moz blog, this infographic analyses the components of Google’s search results page, identifying the various modules within the page architecture. Real estate on the first page of Google is a premium product, so knowing how how Google …