How to SEO

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Part 2 in this digital marketing series takes learnings gleaned from e-consultancy’s marketing analysis, together with independent observations; namely that search is ever more valued as a marketing conduit, and that to fully leverage exposure on a given search query, …

CGC & Review-based Digital Marketing

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One of two presentations to review the nature of digital adverting – This slide-show delves into some recent e-consultancy survey material and uncovers concrete evidence that digital marketing has become a pull dynamic, far removed from the traditional concept of …

From the Horses’ Mouth

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If you are going to optimise in order to list in Google search results, a good place to start is their SEO starter guide! Alternatively, download Google’s latest offering(03.2010), the SEO score card, and reverse engineer your website accordingly.

Google 2.0

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Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land brought this extension of Google search results to my attention via his weekly podcast. Benign as it may currently seem, industry professionals the world round have pricked up their ears to the news, confident …

Surf Website Search Review

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In this video presentation, Jonny Darling reviews the impact that his search marketing has had on his surf website’s search engine listings. There is a brief overview of site amends and extensions, together with third-party marketing interaction, closely followed by …

Web 2.0 Optimisation

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Aaron Wall of SEOBOOK gave a webinar last week entitled “SEO strategies for the 21st Century”. Overall I am very much on his wavelength, and agree with his outlook for the future of search marketing. Below are the main messages …

The Knowledge Era

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Two aspects of Nick Carr’s book, “The Big Switch, from Edison to Google”, strike me. They have ramifications for search marketing, as they do for our everyday lives. 1. Migration to data cloud technology 2. User profiling