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Time to put your money where your mouth is. Discover how hiring WordPress webmasters can save your business thousands of euro every year.

Below we map out the costs of running a WordPress website, with a detailed break-down on what you pay for and how we make your money work harder.

Monthly Cost Comparison

Option 1: In-House Website DIY

€282 a month on WordPress Items


Cost of your time or employee wages


Option 2: Hire SURF MERCHANT



We begin our journey with a WordPress website SEO audit (see tab on left-hand side). Together with manual review by experienced SEO experts (10 years has taught us a thing or two!), we use analytics data from Web CEO, Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics to audit the website’s current performance.

  • Website SEO Audit reports
  • SEO Analysis
  • Wordpress SEO Audit Report
  • SEO analysis tool
  • WordPress technical audit report
  • Website Google Rank Reports

UpDraftPro Migration

Upon discovery of digital decay, we initiate migrated to our hi-performance cloud server infrastructure. Using UpdraftPlus Migrator, we safely and securely backup, save, copy and paste your entire WordPress website from the existing underperforming hosting package to our next generation cloud VPN WordPress server.

  • UpdraftPlus WordPress migration
  • wordpress migration tool features

Cloud Hosting

Successfully imported, your WordPress website is now hosted on a state-of-the-art WordPress optimised server. All our WordPress sites are on ultra modern PHP 7 Amazon AWS cloud servers based in Ireland. Perfect for response times, customer experience and SEO.

  • wordpress cloud server hosting
  • cloudways wordpress hosting features

WordPress Security

Next up is WordPress security, upgrading your website from http to https using an SSL encryption certificate. We do this one to make your website safer for visitors to browse and for customers to interact with your business, and two because https is what Google likes to see.

  • secure-SSL-website-https
  • wordpress-security-protection
  • Valued from $0 – $449 annual (Let’s Encrypt is free, Digicert EV, which we use on this site, is $449 per year)

WordPress Speed

Speed is really important, a website needs to load fast these days if visitors are going to stick around. Google rewards WordPress websites that don’t make them wait with long loading times. Our speed optimisation process is multi-fold. First, there host server varnish. Then there’s file code optimisation (see file optimisation below) and finally there’s WordPress caching. We use the best WordPress caching plugin on the market, WP-Rocket. The result, WordPress websites that beat industry average everytime.

  • wp-rocket wordpress speed plugin
  • wordpress server varnish
  • Valued at $39

File Optimisation

WordPress is a clean code-base out-of-the-box but things quickly get messy once add-on themes, plugins, files, images, text and other content get piled on top of the framework. One of our weapons to fight dirty databases is Imagify, a premium WordPress plugin to reduce file size of image files. It does an amazing job of cleaning up WordPress media library and speeding up websites.

  • eden-after-render
  • WordPress Image Optimisation - After Imagify

Meta SEO

Regular refresh of WordPress page, post, portfolio & product meta data is invaluable. Nothing stinks more to Google than page titles and meta descriptions that fail to uniquely identify the contents of that published URL. Our WordPress maintenance service revisits all meta titles and meta descriptions on a monthly basis, re-writing or updating according to keyword targets and content changes. We use a clever little WordPress SEO editor plugin to help us import/export and manually work through this task-list. Just another way we outperform competitors.

  • website meta titles and meta descriptions in google
  • seo meta data editor
  • Valued at $39

Content Optimisation

All the technology in the world can’t replace good old fashioned manual labour when it comes to WordPress website optimisation. Our performance plan delivers ongoing WordPress management and maintenance to ensure that your website stays fresh, fast and google-friendly. Our qualified webmasters revisit your site monthly to conduct SEO improvements and deal with errors or outdated issues. No more error 404 page not found, no plugins out of date, no empty meta description, no auto-generated keywords, no alt tags missing on images. We keep your WordPress clean and healthy for evergreen SEO-rich content.

  • WordPress performance scoreboard
  • Google webmaster tools sample dashboard
  • seo keyword cloud
  • wordpress mobile compatibility
  • WordPress Meta Title Meta Description Testing
  • wordpress https ssl security checks
  • wordpress file compression tests
  • yoast premium seo $69
  • Valued at $69

Visual Reporting

Google Analytics reports are one thing, and we regularly run and deliver scheduled custom dashboard pdf reports to clients. On top of that we provide you with a powerful reporting portal that pulls in WordPress performance data across a number of streams inc. google analytics, google webmaster tools, facebook insights, twitter API, keyword rank checker, Google developer, mailchimp and many more. All-in-one visualisation for all your key metrics, up-to-date and updated daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

  • restaurant website wordpress seo project
  • education school wordpress website keyword rankings in google
  • Valued at $39 monthly