Building Blocks

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The cartoon programme Procidis tells the story of biology, of how the body works. From an early age, I’ve been intrigued by how things work. Systems in essence.  In later days, my inquisitive nature is peeked by web systems (I didn’t achieve the Irish leaving certificate points to pursue a medical profession!). Matt Mullenweg of WordPress fame is a protagonist of internet infrastructure systems. His interview with Tim Ferris on 4HourWorkWeek taught me a great deal (not just on systems management – monophasic versus biphasic sleep cycles, p2 instead of email, telegram instead of whatsapp, slack instead of Skype, calm mindfulness and the archaic nature of qwerty keyboards!).

Procidis Body System Education

Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy. I like to think about content management systems or websites in general in biological terms too. A website is a living, breathing entity (not literally but stay with the analogy) and so it must be nurtured.

web system requirements

At SURF MERCHANT we believe it is the little things that count, the structured routines and daily habits that make up the bigger picture. Rest, nutrition and exercise are fundamental building blocks of health. The same basic principles apply to website systems:

Rest: A system, be that a website, a social media network or a server framework, must find a comfortable resting state where it has capacity to handle the requests made of it and accommodate for downtime through delegation. We strive to create an ecosystem in which applications are in harmony with their environment.

Nutrition: You can’t expect a machine to perform if you don’t put fuel in the tank. Understand that to keep a website healthy and strong, it must be fed regularly with a varied diet. The ingredients range from essential oils of technical service, fibre in hardware/software upgrades, protein in structural optimisation, carbohydrates in new content & media and vitamins in diagnostics analytics.

Exercise: Well rested and fed, systems need to be exercised. Muscle function needs to be triggered (dynamic functionality), oxygenated blood pumped around the body (internal linking), bones and joints need to hold together (structural integrity), a work-out to sweat out the toxins (user experience testing).