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I recently tweeted “Just discovered @Ev Williams new platform , a reading & writing environment – “Digital is Dead”” – Medium has been a revelation to me in collaborative publishing. The digital medium is of course far from dead, but the times they are a-changing. A hard rain’s a-gonna fall particularly for digital agencies that don’t embrace change. Digital consulting service providers must evolve to be flexible around their clients and their clients’ customers all the more. In a world of disruptive technology and innovation in business models, payment structure is first in line for a dramatic rethink.

Introducing Pay-What-You-Want Digital Marketing Packages

PWYW Price Structure

Tom Morkes‘ article  @Medium, Pay What You Want: The Ultimate Sales Strategy, resonated so strongly with me that I am compelled to adopt a new pricing scheme for digital marketing packages available on Surf Merchant Digital. The price? You decide what my digital consulting services are worth to you! No set fees, no minimum deposits required, no contracts or hidden charges!

Why PWYW Works

 As Morkes sets out, Pay-What-You-Want works because

  1. Pay What You Want removes the barrier to entry
  2. Pay What You Want removes the price ceiling, letting your top 1-3% of customers contribute more
  3. It inspires generosity

In fact there’s a whole body of evidence to support this radical new way of doing business; the value-based, mutual benefit system. Tara Joyce at elastic mind is an inspiration – for over 5 full years now she has been advocating, practising and profiting from PWYW, or Pay-What-Its-Worth according to her elastic mind!

Pay What Its Worth Business Pricing Model

Why We’re Doing It

We believe in collaboration and we stand over our mission statement to fundamentally transform your business. We challenge you to consider the impact of what our digital consulting services can achieve for your business. What is it worth to you?

Ireland’s First Pay-What-You-Want Digital Consultancy

This is a first for digital marketing agencies in Ireland. Tip of the hat to our Polish friends, 8K Creative, for being a leading light in revolutionary digital marketing services.
It’s time for SURFMERCHANT™ to host the flame in Ireland.