Soundbites from DMX Dublin 2013

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Hi there, good to see you again! Lots of buzz yesterday on the twittersphere about the DMX Dublin digital marketing conference. Maybe you missed it or you’re shy on time to catch up on what went on? Never fear, we’ve penned down our top takeaways from the keynote speakers below so you wont miss a beat. Stay tuned as we update this post with further need-to-know-nuggets of marketing miracles…

Need-to-Know-Nuggets from DMX Dublin

Dublin's Digital Conference 2013

Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz

  • The power of social conformity is a mighty nudge that can persuade people to act
  • Tiny UX tweaks like naming conventions and visual cues can dramatically change behaviour
  • Burgeoning algorithms and networks to improve search position is a thing of the past
  • Irish SEO’s are doing better than he expected as other countries use excessive  fashion keyword repetition
  • He’s not impressed by Ireland’s cookie notifications ‘yes, I know I’m using cookies, I’m on the Internet’
  • In short, be subtle marketers. Don’t force content on people
  • Social Proof Phenomenon – the closer it gets to the audience you’re trying to reach, the more effective it is
  • The Future of marketing is the nudge. Show social proof. Play the name game
  • Use numbers psychologically to anchor your audience and nudge up the price they are willing to pay
  • Don’t beg/buy people to tweet, share etc. Just nudge them in right direction with good content
  • Numerical anchoring from Grasshopper is very cool
  • Fewer choices lead to more actions – only provide one sharing option in the right context and test it
  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” & “familiarity breeds trust” – Do Less, Better
  • Use behavourial data to take advantage of people’s automatic impulses
  • Remove unnecessary steps or split up steps in online processes
  • Too much choice decreases online conversion – Example akin to having an Irish accent in a American bar which improves your conversion rate!!
  • Click bias for familiar brands is very strong and MORE important than position in search results
  • Using Google Author markup can increase clicks by 15%
  • Leverage the power of defaults to nudge people to take the actions you want them to take
  • Experiments shows that people are terrible multi-taskers – communicate a single message or single call to action
  • Familiarity breeds Trust – Use advertising to build brand trust and reduce dependence on top SEO ranking
  • Leverage people’s competitive instincts, for example, by using leaderboards in innovative ways
  • Remove unnecessary steps from your conversion process – The Obama campaign split their donation form in to 4 steps and saw a 5% increase.
  • Gamification can provide a powerful nudge to behaviour – use game mechanics in new or unusual contexts

David Benson, Director of YouTube in Northern and Central Europe, Google inc.

  • Even the ugliest websites make a lot of money
  • You need to be where people go to tell their opinions
  • TV no longer the driver of mass opinion, online video is
  • Branding underrepresented in digital
  • Power of branding is not about exposure but about story-telling. People fall in love with brands through their stories…
  • Discussing how brands are built – Sledgehammer methods like Levi’s 90’s guy in laundrette. Remember it? Of course you do!
  • The official games site was built with SEO in mind from the start – SEO is of integral  importance!
  • Technology allows us to get involved and participate. “Like” doesn’t equal participation, it’s about sharing & generating conversation
  • People fall in love with brands because 1) what it will do for you  2) nudges you in right direction
  • “If a like counts as participation then a smile is making love”
  • London 2012 optimised 2000 keywords over a two year period – Big fans of SEO.
  • Use great content to drive traffic and repeat visits. Official games site had no video content so used results and data instead
  • YouTube –  Find your most valuable audience through context

Tim Bicknell, General Manager, RaboDirect

  • Clarity is the smarter cousin of simplicity
  • The way customers are interacting with brands is fundamentally changing, you must earn their attention. For example, Paddy Power content is constantly refreshed
  • “Only fools eat horses” – Local butchers innovative, inventive signage plays on newsjacking

Alex Balfour, Head of New Media for the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG)

  • Importance of labelling – “medal count” rather than “medal table” saw 30% traffic increase
  • email hugely important for London 2012
  • The Top tweeting nation during the Games was Mongolia!
  • Amazing: London 2012 social media team had just 2 members
  • People don’t want to read copy
  • Unlike TV, YouTube “True View” ads allow you to speak to your most valuable target audience the way you want to