LinkedIn – Don’t Get Locked Out

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A company’s LinkedIn page is more important than their actual website. This is according to the latest research from The Undercover Recruiter website. LinkedIn has been online for close to a decade and was tallied late last year by Forbes as having over 175 million members in 200 countries. Recruiters increasingly default to LinkedIn for talent. If your LinkedIn profile or page is not listed, you are missing out on thousands of potential contacts made through LinkedIn which could be invaluable for your business and your future. More than 20 million businesses had joined by 2009 and in four short years this figure has jumped to 200 million – showing an exponential rise.

LinkedIn ROI stats

An Essential Marketing Tool

With managers and executives logging in to the site every day, it is important to maximise your appeal in your online profile. Real business comes through LinkedIn and gives your business credibility. It is a functional and necessary part of any marketing efforts a company might make. LinkedIn offers the opportunities to have conversations with prospective clients. This is a go-to tool that opens the lid on company information and individuals with whom you’re interested in doing business.

This is also a chance to deliver a message to tens of thousands of individuals about who you are and what you do. LinkedIn has been shown to deliver higher HR value than Twitter and Facebook, so it should be a priority for every business.
Now is the time to fully take advantage of LinkedIn as 90% of businesses have free accounts but only 24% are regularly active on the site. Each business can also join 50 groups, a key communication mechanic for networking professionals.

Starting Out

Setting up a basic account is a good start. However, the page must then continue to be well developed and updated regularly. LinkedIn enables automated connection with other social media networks so it is beneficial to adjust your settings to enable updating elsewhere online. You can maximise the effect of your company’s page by keeping jobs and work experience relevant, updating the Products and Services page and including keywords. The great advantage of using LinkedIn is that you can communicate your message in a cost effective manner. This will gradually expand your network and enhance face-to-face meetings. Another feature is blog post promotion for thought leadership in your industry. You are entitled to put URLs in your replies, again boosting your SEO search rate. Furthermore, you can initiate a discussion on any articles you have written with a link to your site for more exposure. For more helpful information on this check out Hubspot’s guide here.

Linkedin Sales Professional AlanyticsOther values LinkedIn brings include contributing to your SEO strategy. Search engines love LinkedIn. Your profile can contain up to three URLs that you can use to promote your website and your blog. Connecting your blog RSS feeds to your profile will automatically show your new posts. In a time of relationship economics and The Networked Society, 6 degrees of separation has never been more relevant to display our associations and connections.

Reputation Relationship Professional Chart Map

The Future of Professional Networking is Social

Benefits of LinkedIn to take-away:

  • perform market research and gain knowledge with polls
  • share survey results with your contacts join groups relating to your business
  • gain knowledge as well as doing some valuable networking
  • get recommendations and endorsements from past clients
  • research people and companies

Failing to have an account and move with the times could prove costly. So much of our professional lives are ‘lived’ online and should therefore be carefully structured. Resumés are growing tired and tiring! This is a change for Good; Good for the Rain forests and Good for us, if we play our cards right. It is vital to distinguish ourselves from the herd. The currency of social networking is about who you know and whom they know.