A History of the Internet and the Digital Future

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Here at SURFMERCHANT™ we never stop exploring! Everyday new technology and consumer behaviour trends emerge that disrupt the status quo and re-model entire business frameworks! Entire economies have changed, societies have been transformed. We live our lives in the connected era of 2013. Change can be daunting or it can be exhilarating. Don’t fight it. We embrace it. Ireland now has the reputation as a tech hub. Opportunities abound. As a recently published business book list on LinkedIn demonstrates, the connected individual is the currency of the 21st century.

The Future is Now


Tomorrow sees the launch of A History of the Internet and the Digital Future authored by Irish Times Chief Innovation Officer, Johnny Ryan ~

Opening in the tense days of the US-Soviet nuclear standoff, and sweeping through the rise of the hackers and the dot-com boom and bust, this book reveals the key trends that have created the Internet as we now know it: trends that will shape the future of business, politics and society in the coming decades.

We live at a hinge in history, between the industrial patterns of life in which we were raised, and the new networked pattern to which we must adapt. A History of the Internet and the Digital Future is the story of this change, and the development of commercial and political life in a networked system. It is also the story of the coming power of the networked individual as the new vital unit of effective participation and creativity.

Understanding these great disruptions, and how they emerged, is key to making the great adjustment to a political and media system in flux and the future of competitive creativity.

A compelling read for all, A History of the Internet and the Digital Future is on the reading list at Harvard, Stanford, and other top tier institutions.

As Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of foretells

“Johnny Ryan takes us through the history of the Internet to demonstrate how it has changed everything. But that’s not all; he also identifies what’s to come in the future. We are in a new era of transformation that has been powered by the Internet. Understanding the trends driving this revolution is pivotal to success. Consider this book your road map to getting there.”

If you too, like us, want to stay ahead of the tech curve and get a bird’s eye view of the digital future, join us at 56 Dawson Street for this Book launch & wine reception.