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As usual, Econsultancy have come up top-trumps this Friday will some staggering statistics and mind-melting media sourced from the most influential Infographic publishers out there. Their infographics tell the story of the technology revolution going on around us better than any of my words could!

Our Analysts’ Top Picks of the Week; SoLoMo & Display Media Trends

Here’s my 3 take-aways for the weekend.

  1. Social Bakers report that brand response times to customers on twitter are getting longer … upwards of 6 hours delay which isn’t good enough in this era of  real-time media! They found that in Quarter 4, 2012, the Financial Industry best embraced social CRM, just ahead of the Aviation sector. Retail companies are also slowly realising the opportunity to directly engage/influence their customer base. Social CRM is still in its’ infancy and only the most clued in organisations headed by astute CDOs (Chief Digital Officer) are meeting market expectation.
  2. IMMR.Org found that 4 in 10 individuals used local search once a day while 2/3 of smartphone use local search 3 to 4 times a week. In other words, as smartphones become ubiquitous and smartphone owners regularly search for local information, businesses must appear on localised channels. How? Google Map listing, Local directory listings, localised website, click-to-call google ads, a facebook business page that stresses business location, a twitter profile set up and managed for a local audience, foursquare/Yelp listings (with loyalty rewards), to name a few…Check out our tailor-made local business marketing package >>
  3. Onscroll report on display ads, how much money is apportioned to paid digital media and how many ads that are paid for are ever seen! “Viewable ad” CPM packages are predicted to replace “served ads” as the new currency of CPM exchange.

What did I miss that you found interesting?