Now It’s Personal

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New Year brings with it resolutions. It seems every digital agency and marketing consultant resolves to predict the future. 6 days in to January 2013, I must have read dozens of articles from soothsayers and crystal ball wizards. For me, the past is a very strong indicator of the future and what is happening now determines tomorrow’s landscape. In this presentation, I zoom in on my pet trend for 2013. This is a movement, a revolution in digital data, that is happening now.

I’ve been blogging about Google’s competitive advantage in personal data for years. Privacy & security are hot topics online these days. Google is a pioneer of data collection & personal profile intelligence. Their billions of revenue is built on contextual, personalised data. Few other companies compare. Amazon & Apple are massive data retailers. Big data houses like IBM know a thing or two about data monetization too. What you’ll learn from the short demonstration below is that micro data is on the rise with niche data-based services & products disrupting traditional business models to eek out a consumer value-add through economies of customisation.

Mobile version of presentation available via Slideshark