New Law of Marketing: Real-Time

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The potential of real-time marketing as a form of inbound marketing is yet to be appreciated. Over at Inbound ’12 a month ago, David Meerman Scott opened proceedings with his keynote imploring marketers to wake up to what’s possible, to embrace the level playing field of the ‘net and to change the public perception of marketing from salesmen to noble professionals like doctors!

Jeff Berezny of social media agency Tent Social summarised the conference take-aways, highlighting the importance of “Inbound Now”! Meerman Scott communicated impressive real-world examples where “newsjacking” is used to engage potential customers at the key inflection point on a news story, inadvertently attracting mass-market interest to your business in real-time.

Newsjacking Sweet Spot Marketing

Real-time marketing is a REAL marketing tactic, just as Inbound Marketing is. Google knows it. Their announcement this week that Google Insights is to merge with Google Trends acknowledges the vast depth of consumer intelligence generated every day by some 3 billion connected internet users. Data exhaust has fascinated me since I first realised the significance of search back in 2005. Not only do Google usage pattern discover historical patterns, they present future trend models and hot trending interaction intelligence at this time, this hour, this minute, this second!
As a quick experiment I punched in digital marketing verticals and ran charts for search interest over time worldwide. Social marketing is all the rage, very much in vogue and on the rise through 2009-2012 with the upswing graph predicting further momentum into 2013. Interestingly search marketing query volume has declined over time, expressing to my mind search sophistication as people qualify their requirements by location, platform or strategy, be that adwords search marketing, local search or mobile optimization for instance. It further supports the SoLoMo movement of which inbound marketing is all-encompassing. Expect to see the purple line’s trajectory escalate sharply over the coming 12-18 months. The US will lead in market maturity while Strategic moves such as Hubspot’s European Headquarters moving to Ireland will spur EMEA regions to develop in their understanding of customer behaviour analysis, cross-platform interaction, customer experience management, real-time consumer engagement, brand social conversation and customer relationship management integration with digital marketing; Inbound Marketing in other words.
New Google Trends Marketing Research Tool
Real-time is very much with us now. Analytics packages have for some time baked in usage, location, interaction and conversion real-time reporting dashboards and alert notifications. 2012 has been the year of mergers and acquisitions in technology. Hubspot is fast becoming the nucleus of predictive, personalized marketing as this all-in-one internet marketing software rolls in Google Analytics, Salesforce, Hootsuite Social & SEOmoz pro software integration, to name just a few of the familiar web analytics, CRM, social media management and SEO professional tools available on Hubspot’s app marketplace.

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The moral of the story is that #success through what is NOW a marketing paradigm shift is knowledge; Intelligence that is updated in real-time, can easily be accessed, is presented in digestible format and prompts immediate actions cross-channel and through a mix of consumer segments, all of which can be implemented and measured collaboratively on a cloud platform. As Orange telco ads used to go, “The Future is Bright, The Future is Orange”, except now it’s Hubspot orange – Hubspot, you’re very welcome to Dublin!