We Hug HubSpot

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News is breaking that internet marketing software company Hubspot Inc. is to establish a European headquarters in Dublin, the “Digital Hub of Europe” according to JD Sherman, chief operating officer of HubSpot. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, Hubspot has been named one of Forbes’ 20 most promising companies in America and ranked as the #8 fastest growing technology company in the world on the Deloitte Fast 500. Funded by Sequoia, Google Ventures, and other world-class investors, HubSpot has more than 400 employees and intends to bring 150 new jobs to Dublin by the end of 2015.

Diana Urban publicly announced the expansion plans this morning on Hubspot’s industry leading inbound marketing blog. Truth be told we at Surf Merchant Digital have been party to Hubspot’s move to Ireland some time. In fact there’s quite a bit we know about Hubspot that we should tell you. Over at Hubspot’s annual conference in August, Inbound 2012, we teamed up with their international partner community to get a first-hand look under the hood of this powerful inbound marketing tool-set and experience the quantified impact that Hubspot integration has achieved for firms’ bottom-line around the world.
So today we are taking this opportunity to make an announcement of our own. It’s with a huge sense of excitement that SURF MERCHANT is going “onboard” as a Hubspot Partner. Much has changed year to date at SURF MERCHANT. The business of web optimization, user-experience management & web metrics is perpetually in beta, reinventing and reshaping to engage the market contextually, personally and in real-time. Inbound marketing in other words! That is why we are so thrilled to be working with Hubspot’s best-in-breed analytics and publishing platforms, together with their integrated app marketplace services.
Of the latest innovations in Hubspot 3, chief among them are;
  1. Content management system with baked-in SEO
  2. Personalised contact, download and registration forms
  3. Smart call-to-action modules
  4. Landing page personalisation (split a/b testing)
  5. Integrated blog, email & social management dashboards
  6. Contact to conversion sales lead nurture tools & reporting
  7. Integrated customer relationship management CRM software
  8. Turnkey cross-channel analytics dashboards
  9. Mobile marketing management
  10. Closed-loop marketing ROI performance reports

Now you know what’s possible why not get in touch and let us gear your digital marketing initiates for exponential return on investment and business growth.