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Thank you to InkThemes for helping us to revamp our website. We’ve always loved the power of WordPress. Regular readers will remember the App-store style skin we used to present on. Come the new year, come the new theme. Reviewing the array of themes available for WordPress, ColorWay took the honours with personalised, eye-catching design & clean, thematic lay-out.

Just last month we were in consulting with VendorShop social f-commerce and part of our business plan was a website upgrade. We had a workshop & drew up the content map, together with functional spec and wire-frames. We discovered ToomMorel theme by InkThemes.com. It matched our needs perfectly. We really wanted the facebook app to feature prominently and be supported by immediate call-to-action on facebook. With social ingrained in VendorShops DNA, it was crucial that content be both discoverable & easily shared. ToomMorel has such functionality built-in as standard and the plethora of plug-ins available on WordPress reinforces the development optimisation. The team at VendorShop were delighted with the look ‘n feel, the ability to promote features and integrate their blog.

It was only one we’d decided upon ColorWay as our preferred WordPress theme that we twigged who was behind in. InkThemes really deserves a lot of credit. They’ve put together a terrific bunch of front-end designs with clever CMS flexibility. They clearly know their stuff, write good code and produce websites that work.

The freemium business model is one we are ever more fascinated by. Here is an free open-source software in WordPress with free bolt-on design customisation. WordPress is massive & it is a really interesting case study as to how partner companies leverage on the scale of the community by distributing a free product with a premium upgrade service. Subscription-based markets intrigues us; the  Google Chrome store is blossoming, Apple’s app store performs remarkably, Spotify is exploding, Smart TV is all the rage…even premium print is turning the corner with specialist publications such as The Economist growing online revenues. It’s incredible to think how young these markets still are. To 2012 & beyond….