Link Optimisation Made Easy

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Chances are that if you are into SEO, you’ve a Google Adwords campaign running alongside your web content optimisation strategy. Here’s a really simple way to go about SEO link acquisition without employing all sorts of link research software – Use your Google Adwords display network reports!

You set up your adsense campaign with tight limitations on the keyword range and composed some über specific ad creative, right?! Google’s reviewed your constraints and looked at your landing pages to make a pretty decent judgement call on where to display your text ads. They know you’ll switch off content network advertising if the numbers don’t stack up. A high impression count but only a trickle of clicks? You’d quickly deduce that you’re getting cheap online visibility but if the audience isn’t clicking, are you really been seen? What about a lot of clicks but few goal conversions tracked? This is a warning sign that Google is lauding you all over the place at great expense but not to the right sort of people. Unqualified traffic is just congestion on your website on a short detour back to Google.

That’s why Google tries to balance your perceived return-on-investment by displaying ads to suitable web-users on appropriate web-pages. So all you’ve got to do is tab over to the network report and check out the websites where Google has served automatic placements. Here lies a treasure trove of data about what sites to target for links and the type of websites your customers spend time on. Here’s how to use it!

  • The sites with the highest click referral count indicate URLs that you should be looking to get a listing on. Concentrate on directory listings sites or community portals where you can build a profile.
  • Filter your network report by goal conversions. You can instantly work out which URLs you should probably be considering banner advertising on!
Hope this is as helpful to your link building strategy as it’s been for me. ;)