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Sustainability in 2011

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2011 has been a good year so far. Not often you hear that these days! Measurement of marketing success varies project by project, but cold-hard numbers are indisputable. This is especially true when benchmarks are set, key performance indicators(KPI) are monitored and desired outcomes delivered. Recently I’ve been challenged to value the worth of my work. This is the knowledge era, a time of complete transparency when marketing campaign life-cycles are fully traceable and management entirely accountable.

Put to the test, I have revisited recent marketing initiatives undertaken in partnership with Combined Media Co. and reviewed their impact on the bottom-line; business development. At the end of the day, it’s about return on investment(ROI).

  • Take VendorShop, a facebook application development company in Dublin. I guided them through teething issues in domain name changes, 301 redirects, content SEO management & blog optimisation. Google Places, facebook pages & Adwords campaigning delivered dominant market-share in Google & resulted in exponential brand engagement. But how about ROI, where’s the value? Application downloads? Product purchases? Shop tab installs? Since March, we’ve delivered 11% click-thru rate (CTR) on Adwords advertising direct to download options, with 5% conversion, a cost-per-installation of €5. That’s efficient, effective marketing for business growth. The rate of application adoption since March has exploded. There’s the direct proof of correlation between marketing budget and company revenue.
  • Another massive win for us has been in the ultra competitive & distressed field of corporate financial services. Amid a cluttered field of 14 million competitors, our client has trumped the lot to outperform the big 5 finance houses with digital visibility in Google second only to Wikipedia! The result? Customers in an otherwise frozen market landscape!
  • In the buoyant UK market for interactive touch screen displays & wayfinding kiosks, Cammax lead the way, thanks not least to online sales generation, a knock-on result of web SEO.
  • Search for pharmaceutical suppliers in Ireland! Another cut-throat industry where we have risen to the highest authority. Again what use is this? A trace of the company’s elevated online exposure synchronises with the fruition of the business.
  • Charity is a business. Fundraising for charity projects is fiercely competitive. That’s why we are so pleased to have been able to help MyGoodPoints.Org, SEO results in google like these attracting multi-national corporate payroll giving & growing public support.
  • We’ve always had a leaning for local enterprise, bringing small start-ups to the global stage. One such Irish venture recently is Frascati Motors. Dependable, experienced mechanics, they set-up shop as an independent auto garage in Blackrock, Dublin. With bags of goodwill and a healthy business network, a website, let alone digital marketing, was not on the agenda. I stepped in with a competitor audit. It was quickly acknowledged that to ignore this was at their peril. The established workshops had the edge. They had the capital resources and the customer-base to merit classification. That’s the beauty of the level-playing field that is the internet. Smiles all round as cars flood in for service & repairs on good referral from our old friend Google!

This truly is marketing in action, winning friends along the way in B2B & B2C, tech services to car services, hospital wayfinding to charity navigation. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and it tastes sensational ;-)