To a digitally integrated 2011…

Jonny Darling Insight 2 Comments

It’s customary on the cusp of a New Year for companies to forecast what the next 12 months will bring to their industry. While many are making predictions for 2011, SURF MERCHANT isn’t waiting for things to happen. Based on how 2011 looks to be shaping up, we’re going right ahead and acting on our resolutions.

Our resident search-geek has written this promissory note!

  1. Set up a Passpack account! Concerns about digital security will justifiably heighten this year. To counter cyber-phishing, identity fraud and hacking, I’m opting for this cloud password management software ahead of the acclaimed LastPass or any client-side/browser solution. I’ve gone down this road because I advocate web-based applications where information is securely stored remotely and is easily retrievable from anywhere on any device.
  2. Sign up to a paid subscription to an online music streaming service such as Napster, or Grooveshark, and make do with screenclick until Google TV or Sony provide a legal film streaming alternative.
  3. Spend more time with pencil & paper in hand than a mouse! As the trendwatchers anticipate, I will be looking to turn away from my monitor and think for myself. However, rather than “de-tech”, I will continue to avail of innovative technologies that allow me to spend less time organising and more time doing! That’s a far cry from using digital services that outsource self-control!
  4. Do more with less & counter the maxim “a Jack of all trades, a master of none”! Search results now load in real-time. Clients require always-on search engine marketing solutions but I’m only one SEO expert! To do my job properly and continue delivering prolonged search presence, I must consolidate my service offering and industry speciality. With 7 New Year’s resolutions it might be worth a look at  Covey’s seven habits of highly effective people!
  5. Donate myself to charity! Much will be made of national identity in 2011 which will challenge individuals to redefine their principles. As the gift economy permeates digital marketing, so too will philanthropy define character. If I’m to be distilled, let social entrepreneurship be a vital ingredient!
  6. Collaborative technologies will harness economies of scale to provide clicks and mortar services at near zero cost to the end-user. I’ll be clocking in on Dublin Bikes, a scheme by JC Decaux which is a great example of public/private partnership that facilitates all parties with reduced expense per additional user. More crowd-sourcing ventures will emerge in 2011 that grow online but materialise physically.
  7. Support local, Contribute world-wide: Consumers’ fingers are doing the walking and they vote with their wallet! I’ll do my part by buying Irish while I try to be Eco-friendly and endorse innovative charity funding. Case in point, fair-trade TurtleHead t-shirts in aid of Oxfam!