SEO Service Transparency

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All the talk in 2010 has been of personifying the brand and humanising the corporate persona. Dell has been an evangelist in this regard, embracing consumers feedback and interacting on a real, 1-to-1 level through mediums such as Twitter. Technology can both bring people together and exaggerate their distance. The internet acts an incredibly powerful collaboration tool. Just look at Facebook’s astronomical adoption and interaction stats. By the same token, Facebook also encourages faceless relationships.

Client service department in SEO agencies can fall into that same trap of interaction avoidance; far easier to draft a mail than to make a phone call, or heaven forbid, meet in person. For all the talk of open-plan offices, and team-work, agency life can be a very isolated affair, with only a monitor to hide behind. The argument for digitising relationships revolves around accountability. Every correspondence is tracked and filed (as it is in Facebook, or Google for that matter).

Audited anonymity goes against the grain. We are social animals, and we feed on inter-personal encounters. Transparency is becoming the new currency. Clickthinking know this, and put a value on people. This backward-to-go-forward thinking is epitomised in their company philosophy show-reel. We are introduced to the people behind the business. We glean insight to their character, and attitude to work. We grow to like them. It’s a compelling argument for corporate candor. I’d work with them!