Clues for Search Visibility in 2010

Jonny Darling Insight Leave a Comment

In late ’09, JWT put together this charming sketch of how things would shape up in the world economy in 2010, providing insight into where most opportunity lay for Irish marketers. If you don’t have 2 minutes to spare, the answers is in corporate transparency, ethical practice, outsourcing to developing nations, the aging demographic and real-time, mobile digital content! We’re mid-way through 2010 now, and I’d say they are right on the money, particularly with environmental and philanthropic P.R, but most pertinently, in mobile advertising.

A common oversight in mobile strategy is to look no further than apps. The misconception that mobile applications are synonymous to mobile marketing fails to understand the bigger picture of what going mobile really means. An integrated mobile strategy will build out all content for mobile platforms, supported by mobile search advertising and in-line display ads across a mobile-enabled affiliate network of rich media providers.

In GoogleBusiness‘s latest video, next chapter in search advertising, we gain some insight in to how rich media will come to permeate search engine marketing, and cross-pollinate on multi-formats, not least mobile browsers.

As the world hurtles toward an “always-on” web status, downloading apps will seem archaic in years to come, when content is instantly accessible remotely from the digital cloud. As JWT emphasise, we are moving away from the Generation Y, instant gratification stereotype to a real-time information age, where mobile is the next frontier.