Crack the Yahoo! search algorithm

Jonny Darling Insight Leave a Comment

You could spend years trying to build up an “organic” search results presence in Yahoo! (as I have), or you could just create a Facebook page and feature almost instantly! Baffling how the algorithm can skew so heavily to one platform overnight … yours in head-scratching bewilderment.

03 AUGUST 2009In a follow up to the above observation, it’s important to note a couple of this week’s revelations:
1. Microsoft and Yahoo! search will partner to become one (provided the deal is approved). The underlying search mechanic will be powered by Bing, with integration of Yahoo! technologies and intelligence. Interestingly, similar search queries conducted on Bing also render a higher number of social listings than would Google. Already the synergies between the two powerhouses of digital, Microsoft and Yahoo!, are evident, as is their calling-card; the next era of search result relevancy lies with the people, i.e. social networks. Google even admits that it is a pace behind real-time information relay, with Twitter search a forerunner. Cue Bing!
2. It’s not just any old Facebook page that is being listed on my surfboard-related search terms, it is that of Mark McGuire, Powersource Surfboards. He is one of Ireland’s few surfboard shapers, and his website features strongly in search results. That interconnection bolsters Yahoo!’s argument for a social listing on a search for “surfboards Ireland”. My counter-argument remains; why list for the person when I am looking for a product? I already know that I am fighting a losing battle however. As the lines blur between people and organisations, and information becomes the new form of production, knowing Mark is knowing surfboards!