Surf Website Search Review

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In this video presentation, Jonny Darling reviews the impact that his search marketing has had on his surf website’s search engine listings. There is a brief overview of site amends and extensions, together with third-party marketing interaction, closely followed by a quick inspection of the website’s key analytical statistics year-to-date.
The website has been scripted with Google Analytics ga.js code, which feeds back a vast array of web performance data. Jonny is especially interested in user paths, and the search behaviour that drives traffic to the landing page. He demonstrates how particular reports can expose pay-per-click activity, and where to look for market feedback that can then in turn be recycled into PPC and SEO optimisation.
The keyword data also reveals how the surf blog has become integral to the successful search strategy. As a sub-domain to SurfboardServices’s sales site, the blog has built up its’ own authority as an online surfboard forum. A glance down the list of search referral terms acknowledges that SurfboardServices now appears for a longer tail of search terms. Thanks to the blog, SurfboardServices has solidified online its’ physical relationships in Dublin. No more obvious is the search listing for “Surf Dock” in, where listings for the blog feature strongly. Consequently surfboard sales in the Surf Dock have witnessed a spike in recent times.
The video goes on to review, using Aaorn Wall’s rank checker tool, tangible jumps in positions for competitive market search terms over the last 4 or so months. It makes for slightly less painful viewing than that of spreadsheet analysis!
This clip is worth a look overall because it highlights how continual website development and online marketing delivers returns in search prominence. Another message to take from this digital marketing audit is that is does render financial gains, and is a marketing vehicle to be respected and nurtured.
p.s. the volume is really low for the first few moments as I whisper the secret to SEO success! Bear with it – it irons itself out soon enough. Thanks.