Introduction to blogging

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“Content is King” – Such has been the mantra in search for many years. As the internet is inundated with websites of all shapes and sizes, with content ranging from questionable to highly qualified, search engines have implemented tighter appraisal mechanisms on content filtering and quality score. Ranking algorithms have been formulated to consider whether traditional website content is supported, and in some cases substituted, in place of newer, richer content, and blogs (topical journalism). The primary platform is always pivotal, but it needs arms and legs. One such extension is a blog, associated strongly to the content of the master site but also connected with many other websites and blogs in the same sphere. A blog must be used to intertwine a website with its’ industry, providing interesting information outside the company immediate remit but of consequence to it and its’ customers.

Jonny discusses his blog strategy, sub-domain vis-a-vis sub-folder placement, opts for a sister website orbing the master site to reinforce but act independently of, and shows how best to pull in rich media content from authority hubs in digital media, all of which are tremendous sources of link equity to the blog and master site, as well as terrific search vehicles in their own right.