Website Maintenance Service

Website neglect costs your business. Digital butler stops the rot. Home protection and health insurance for your digital domain.

Webmaster Call-Out Service

Get help fast from an Irish website technician. Local webmaster on-call to troubleshoot all website woes at your home or work.

Meet Our People

SURF MERCHANT is based in Dublin, Ireland. Our website management services have kept websites healthy, clean and fresh ever since 2008.

Webmasters for Website Welfare

Systems Upgrades

Technical Tuning

Content Evolution

Performance Monitoring

Practice Makes Perfect

Issues on your website fall down between the cracks that can lead to more finger pointing than fixes. Bridge the gap between web development companies and digital agencies. We think of website maintenance as you might a house cleaner. Your digital property needs routine care and regular attention to preserve old valuables and polish new home improvements.


Metrics That Matter

Let’s concentrate on digital KPIs that mean something in real life. Your business is your baby. Like a nanny to your first-born, we care for your business website as if it were our own! You get out what you put in with children. Likewise websites, which is why we give them 100% undivided attention.

Faultless Fail-Safe

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. It’s no accident that winners in sport, life and business are those who put the work in advance. We believe that prevention is better than cure, which is why we get your house in order before, during and after your visitors have been and gone. That’s property management for digital properties. Curing your company of digital decay.

Home Protection Policy

It’s not a house, it’s a home. We treat your website as it should be treated, a secure place to hang your hat, protect yourself from outside elements and welcome in friends and family. Take solace safe in the knowledge that your home is a digital safe-house.

Welcome to our home in Dublin