Logging in to your website can open a can of worms. Maintaining a fresh, functional website is a never-ending, time-consuming task. It’s a labour of love that can quickly turn to loathing. Take a load off and let WordPress webmasters manage your site’s up-time, load-time and time-outs. We are Irish webmasters for website welfare.

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Super-charge your website with SURF MERCHANT. Request a website performance assessment free-of-charge! We deliver independently verified website audits drilling into structure, speed, security, compatibility, content and compliance. Get informed on where your website stands, what it takes to outperform competitors and boost website ranking in Google.

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Transform your WordPress website from an invisible, unproductive, embarrassing entity into the shop window for your business you can be proud of. Super-charge your WordPress website with out flat-fee performance optimisation service. Our 10 for 10 service delivers a 10-step optimisation work-list, 10 hours of professional WordPress webmaster time, all for a €450 once-off cost.

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SEO first and foremost, every change, update and upgrade is completed with Google search results top of mind. When you onboard with SURF MERCHANT, you receive a private project dashboard to track every action and impact with task management, time tracking, online payments, search keyword ranking reports, analytics charts and more…

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We deliver above and beyond expectation. If you’re not wowed with us, we’ll give you your money back. Meet our happy clients and see how we revolutionised their online business. You’ll be amazed how we can rock your world.

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