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Position: Account Manager

2015 is an exciting time for SURFMERCHANT™. For the Year of Irish Design 2015, we have launched our pop-up IT & Digital Marketing studio, Delivering vital online infrastructure, bespoke web-address & email, Google marketing, social media management & local business listings, is uniquely positioned to work hand-in-hand with hand-made artisan arts & craft producers in Ireland. Our mission for 2015 is to promote Irish craftmanship online. Join us!

  • Full-time job w/competitive salary
  • Relaxed environment & flexible hours
  • Excellent digital marketing experience
  • Play your part to support local Irish business


Digital Optimization
SURFMERCHANT analytics diagnostic process

Web Performance Optimization

Market research, digital strategy and performance reporting can stifle marketing initiatives. Analysis paralysis is the bugbear of Big Data. Digital marketing should be about communication & consumer engagement, not analytics dashboard & vanity statistics. We de-clutter your marketing data, deliver insight, prescription & education that empowers swift market response & customer mind-share.

  • An NCT health-check for your digital marketing
  • A diagnostics report for immediate implementation
  • Security of our technical bill-of-health
  • Independent digital audit of marketing activity
  • Education that empowers sustained performance
  • Continuous performance evaluation reporting
Google Marketing
Business Growth Starter Pack

Small Business Starter Pack from €649

Welcome to our brand new Google marketing solution for small to medium sized businesses. This all-in-one economy pack offers business owners a powerful service bundle at an economical price-point.

  • Not sure if you need a Website?
  • Don’t know much about Social Media?
  • Realise 90% of your customers reference Google?
  • Wondering whether Yellow Pages is worth it?
  • Need to kick-start your branding online?
Marketing Packages

Digital Marketing Packages from €1,950/mo

Traditional advertising is expensive and wasteful. Online display banners drive traffic with low ROI. Embrace the era of content marketing. Discover how inbound marketing strategies harness web content, design, SEO, social media and email. Make informed business decisions & drive your marketing performance with sales analytics and CRM solutions that deliver true value for money.

  • Win second-to-none brand awareness
  • Hold a stellar reputation in the marketplace
  • Always deliver added value for your customers
  • Build lasting relationships with buyers
  • Nurture prospects through to sales
  • Generate higher revenues with lower media costs
Reputation Management
Social Analytics Marketing

Brand Reputation Management

Your business is being talked about online. Get an invite to your own party with social media marketing & analytics. With listening tools and social engagement strategy, you can better manage the conversation in a positive light & magnify this free form of brand PR.

  • Discover consumer sentiment on-the-fly
  • Target brand advocates by empowering their promotion activities
  • Minimise negative PR with quick response planning
  • Talk to the right people at the right time with the right message
  • React in real-time to market opportunities
  • Steer the discussion around your brand
Outsourced Marketing
Integrate CRM with Sales & Marketing

Trust Your Digital Partner

Use marketing software to integrate digital marketing campaigns with the sales pipeline. Focus on winning new customers while automated marketing software ensures your business development sales team works in perfect harmony with your advertising & marketing initiatives. Win solid return on investment for every euro committed to brand product/service promotion.

  • Match marketing message with sales requirement
  • Get smart with personalised contextual content
  • Personalise your customers’ experience
  • Automate the CRM lead to sales process

 Happy Clients

  • Independent, impartial digital consulting
  • We talk business, not code language
  • We’re honest, conscientious professionals
  • A watchdog to patrol your digital agency
  • You can trust us – we’ve loyal clients

 Happy Customers

  • Decisions driven by customer data
  • Usability powered by web analytics
  • Positive user experience as standard
  • User testing done by real people
  • Reputation built on word-of-mouth

Happy Balance

  • No upsell or cross-selling
  • No agency hourly fees
  • No crazy-money rate cards
  • No software licenses
  • No contracts or SLAs

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